"Blissed-out but not blissful synth-pop...viscous and shimmering, but also so lush it verges on the suffocating." - The New York Times

On her debut EP Sugar & Spice – the 2018 release that prompted Pitchfork to dub her the “dream-pop idol of tomorrow"Hatchie delivered the sonic equivalent of falling deliriously in love: a sustained rush of feeling, rendered in swoony melodies and gauzy guitar tones and endlessly hypnotic layers of sound. 

Now, with her full-length debut Keepsake, the Australian singer/songwriter tries on countless new textures, exploring everything from industrial to new wave to dance-pop, handling each with understated elegance and pure, powerful feeling.

Throughout Keepsake, Hatchie’s kaleidoscopic sonic palette draws out distinct moods and tones, continually revealing her depth and imagination as a musician and songwriter. On lead single ‘Without a Blush’, jagged guitar riffs and woozy rhythms meet in a sprawling piece of industrial-pop, with Hatchie’s gorgeously airy voice channeling loss and longing, regret and self-doubt.  

Keepsake is out now through Heavenly Recordings, Double Double Whammy and Ivy League Records.